Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Meal At 99?

Meal At 99 is the go-to neighbourhood food delivery option you can turn to when you’re famished. Our chefs create a variety of plated meals on demand, to make sure that you are spoilt for choice. Since our menus change every day, we stand out from the throng of eateries that offer you a fixed menu.

At Meal At 99, all meals are crafted with the finest ingredients including farm fresh vegetables and meats. So, you can expect to go on a gastronomical adventure with every meal that you order from us. Every order is delivered in the shortest possible time frame, right to your doorstep. Now you can save time and enjoy a dining experience in the comfort of your space.

How does Meal At 99 work?

  1. Our daily menu is exclusively designed by our chefs. We have a different menu everyday so you can browse through and pick whatever teases your tastebuds.
  2. Once you have figured out what you want to gorge on, just add it to your cart and click on ‘Checkout’ when you’re ready to order.
  3. You may pay online or opt for cash on delivery. We also give you the option of paying through multiple wallets so you needn’t scout for change or make a last minute trip to the ATM.

Where does Meal At 99 deliver?

Our love and passion for food took us on a mission to spread out across the country. We are now mushrooming throughout the nation. Currently, we are appeasing the people across Gurgaon and Delhi.

What kind of meats and ingredients does Meal At 99 use?

All the ingredients that we use undergo a quality check process that ensures a top-notch meal for you. Our food is the freshest as we source halal certified meats, farm fresh fruits and vegetables, directly from the local supplier. All our meals are free from preservatives or additives such as MSG.

Can I make special requests to my meal?

While we’d love to accommodate your requests, our chefs are touchy about making changes to our heirloom recipes!

What are the portions like?

All our meals are crafted with the intention of serving an adult portion. Depending on your appetite, you can also order salads, soups, starters or a dessert to wrap up your meal.

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